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Hello Forum Member: As we bring to an end 2015, for many of us, it has been a tragic or troubled year both in our own personal life and globally around the world. As we usher in 2016, please remember, we are all wholesomely blessed.
Luz: Anyone from Canada know how long it takes to get results? May 2, 2016 23:56:50 GMT -5
CaliRN10: staying positive!!! May 2, 2016 23:26:10 GMT -5
CaliRN10: Hello, took my exam Saturday April 30, waited 24 hours on Sunday did the Pearson trick and got the good pop up. Wasn't sure if it worked on the weekend so I waited and did again Monday morning at 6:30 am and 9:00pm still got the good pop up...yes!!! May 2, 2016 23:25:55 GMT -5
worried in florida: I took my nclex on Friday at 8am and when i got home at 11am i checked the pearson vie site and it would not allow me to register for another exam. I got the good pop-up. tomorrow will be 48 hours but it's sunday will the quick results still be there ? Apr 30, 2016 17:26:16 GMT -5
HOPEFUL: Hi good day! could someone teach me how to do the PVT?..thanks Apr 28, 2016 0:41:27 GMT -5
Marvin: Hello this is Marvin Canda. just incase Please email me your input about my situation. m_canda@yahoo.com Apr 26, 2016 16:16:20 GMT -5
dullc22: Took my nclex RN in California on 4/25/16 walked outside to my car and entered my credit card info hit submit and got the good pop up. Drove home and 30 minutes later tried again and got the good pop up screen. Not sure if i checked too soon. Apr 26, 2016 0:59:53 GMT -5
Worried: Hi there! I took my nclex rn last 4.18.16. Got 75 qs and shut it off! Do the Pvt and get me thru cc page. Still I haven't get my result if I pass or fail! I'm worried now! Apr 23, 2016 12:02:10 GMT -5
Kimzor: YAY!!! I PASSED!!!! GOOD POP UP IS TRUE!!!!!! Apr 22, 2016 14:38:10 GMT -5
Kimzor: I got the good popup. Hopefully this works Apr 20, 2016 19:53:01 GMT -5
disappointed: hello everyone I took my nclex exam today at 12:45PM and completed at 2:15PM stopped at 75 on a priority bold question. tried the trick and brought me to cc page and sent me an email confirmation and charged my cc. I'm assuming its not good. this so sad Apr 19, 2016 22:46:02 GMT -5
nervousfuturenurse: I did the PVT and when I clicked submit, it said my results are on hold. What does that mean? They were having issues with the palm reader with me, but what are my chances of passing with that message? Apr 14, 2016 21:40:39 GMT -5
nervousfuturenurse: it says my results are on hold and I cant reschedule.. What does this mean, what are the chances of passing with that message? Apr 14, 2016 21:38:48 GMT -5
Sandra: Yes, Ms. Anneliese, I got the good pop up and wasn't sure I entered my information correctly, so I went back in and the 2nd time I did not see the red triangle as before, but the rest of the wording "Your order is NOT...has something changed? thx Apr 11, 2016 13:59:01 GMT -5
Sandra: Hello, I have a question please Ms. Anneliese, Apr 11, 2016 13:57:11 GMT -5
????: Is this for nclex lvn trick to0? Apr 7, 2016 20:53:53 GMT -5
Caliboyph: I tried it again this morning and still showing the good pop up im crossing my fingers. Apr 7, 2016 13:50:22 GMT -5
Caliboyph: Took my nclex pn on march 30 2016 i didnt know about the pvt at that time so i read some comments online on how to see, here in california theres no quick results so i tried it last night 4/5/16 and it showed the good pop up. Apr 7, 2016 13:48:12 GMT -5
OhMahGee: Got the message... now I'm just hoping this is legit and that I'm really over this hurdle and ready for the next one [RN to MSN]. I'm having panic attack over here waiting for the quick results and I still have about 40 hours to go. ;) Good luck all!!! Apr 6, 2016 17:39:44 GMT -5
Sarah : I took my nclex pn yesterday got thru ALL 205 questions and have checked the site over 5 times and still getting the "good" pop up ....is this still accurate for 2016 Apr 1, 2016 16:33:27 GMT -5
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